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School Of Biblical Studies


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Objectives of the school of Biblical Studies
1. The aim and objective of the school of biblical studies is to groom kingdom minded Christians.
2. To have sound doctrine about biblical principles.
3. We are commanded by God Himself to study to show ourselves approved unto Him... (2 Timothy 2:15) and
to read the God’s word day and night to have good success (Josh 1:8).
4. The school is a foundational requirement for every would-be minister of MFM.
To arrest bible poverty and ignorance of the children of God.
5. As a platform to train the trainers.
6. To equip men and women in the teaching ministry, evangelism and discipleship.
7. To instill discipline and perseverance in the mission work.
8. To discover the plan and purpose of God for individual and body of Christ.
9. As a tool for spiritual warfare and holy living.
10. To train and prepare end-time soldiers.
11. To know the word of God and its practical application to one’s life.
12. To have a deeper knowledge about the spiritual world.
13. To arrest false doctrines and apostasy.
14. To serve as an unbeatable tool for personal and global deliverance.
15. We must return to the bible because the truth is fast disappearing.
16. To encourage every student of the School to read through the whole bible.
17. To help us read and memorize the bible.
18. To curb the erroneous beliefs about God.
19. To help us fulfil our ministry and calling.
20. To train our children the way of the Lord.
21. To know the position of the Church in relation to the world because Christianity is not a religion.
22. To cure pulpit malaria.
23. To inculcate the fear of God in people lives.
24. To be able to understand the mind of God.
25. To populate the kingdom of God and to empty hell through sound doctrine, prayer and fasting
and faith in the Son of God Jesus Christ.
26. To know the efficacy of God‘s word and the power of the blood of the Lamb.
27. To raise a good ambassador of Christ anywhere, any place and any time.

Payment Instructions
To ensure your enrollment in the upcoming semester, please submit your course payment using Interac Email Transfer at your earliest convenience. Payment Details:
Amount: $100
Payment Method: Interac Email Transfer Recipient Email: [email protected]
If you have any questions or encounter issues with the application or the Interac Email Transfer process, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]